Slim Notebook Sets

Slim Notebook Set: Beautiful Slim Notebook Set: Beautiful

Slim Notebook Set: Beautiful

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$ 12.00

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Day Designer Slim Notebook Sets

Planning and productivity extend beyond just organization; it's manifesting big ideas and goals through creative expression, thoughtful reflection, and personal growth. Day Designer's Slim Notebook Sets are perfect companions to our flagship planners, offering a stylish and compact canvas for thoughts, dreams, sketches, notes and to-do lists.

Our notebook sets come in a pack of four, so you can use them for different purposes such as personal and professional, goals and notes. Measuring 5" wide x 7" tall x .125" depth per book, these thin notebooks slip into the inside pocket of your Flagship Planner, a handbag, or even a back pocket. They can accompany you wherever you go, ready to record a sudden idea, plan, or observation.

Each notebook features 20 double-sided lined pages with 3 columns and header boxes to help structure and arrange notes and ideas. The pages are crafted from 80 GSM white paper, providing a smooth writing surface. Soft grey lines provide gentle guidance for writing without distracting designs or rigid boxes or rules. With durable and flexible saddle-stitched binding, our notebook sets are designed for robust use, ensuring longevity.

To express your aesthetic and bring beauty to your days, our notebooks come in beautiful designs. Whether you prefer vibrant patterns or sophisticated minimalism, our slim notebooks with designs will inspire you to capture ideas and express yourself in style.

FAQs about our Slim Notebook Sets

What is the size of the notebooks in the Slim Notebook Sets?

Each notebook in our Slim Notebook Sets measures 5" wide x 7" tall x .125" depth. It's small size perfect size allows you to take your notebook wherever you go.

How many notebooks come in a set?

Each Slim Notebook Set includes four individual notebooks that can be used for a variety of purposes in your life.

What type of binding is used in the Slim Notebook Sets?

Our Slim Notebook Sets feature durable and flexible saddle-stitched binding. This type of binding not only ensures a slim profile but also allows the notebook to lay flat for easy writing and sketching.

Are the pages in the notebook lined?

Yes, each notebook includes 20 double-sided lined pages with header boxes. This layout is ideal for jotting down notes, ideas, and sketches in an organized manner.

Can I choose the designs on my notebooks?

Our Slim Notebook Sets come with an assortment of designs. While we cannot customize each set, we assure you that our selection of designs is created to inspire and cater to a variety of personal tastes.

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