10 Different Ways to Use Your Day Designer to Design Your Best Life

10 Different Ways to Use Your Day Designer to Design Your Best Life

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We love lists. Lists help us make sense of our worlds. From grocery lists to home improvement lists to daily to-dos, lists help us remember, process, and get things done. Our brains just get them.

And much like the Day Designer, they tend to make our lives easier, especially used with intention. That’s why today’s article combines both—it’s a list of ways you can use your Day Designer to design your best life!

Because isn’t that the point after all? We don’t use lists and you didn’t choose your planner just for the fun of it. The purpose of both is to help you make sense of your world and live it well. Here are 10 ways to do just that:

1. Make Your Schedule

You probably have quite a few places to go and people to see on any given day. There’s doctor’s appointments, the kids’ soccer games, your meeting with the new vendor, and lunch with your mother-in-law. Use your Day Designer to keep track of all the different appointments on your calendar on any given day!

2. Brain Dump Your To-Dos

Alongside all of those meetings, are a long list of tasks that need to get done. Use a daily page in your Day Designer to braindump everything—every task, every phone call, every follow-up—that needs to happen. While you probably can’t get it all done in one day, it’s important to get this information out of your head (where it can become overwhelming and likely forgotten) and into your planner where you can prioritize and get it done.

3. Focus On Your Top Three

Once you’ve written down everything that needs to get done, narrow it down and focus on your top three daily priorities. Research shows that most people can’t get more than three large to-dos accomplished per day. Three may not seem like a lot, but there are several smaller tasks contained within each of these larger projects—and these three priorities are interspersed between that schedule of meetings and appointments you created before. Plus, if you do focus on and finish the most important to-dos, you can just move on to the next high priority task on your list.

4. Stay Inspired

Every Day Designer has space for you to write down your favorite inspirational quote, Bible verse, or word of encouragement from a friend, too. Use this space to keep you inspired, positive, and motivated as you work through your day. This isn’t just a frivolous exercise either; there’s power in positive thinking! Positive psychology researchers explain that people who think positively see more possibility and are better able to build new skills.

5. Keep an Eye On Your Budget

The best way to stay on top of your budget is to review it daily. Use the Day Designer to keep an eye on your bank balance and make note of your daily spending. When done consistently, you’ll be able to quickly spot any issues and keep your budget and bank account in check.

6. Note What You Don’t Want to Forget

Your brain is a constantly whirring machine of thoughts and information. There will likely be many things that pop up throughout your day that you can’t deal with now, but don’t want to forget—so don’t! Jot them down quickly in your Day Designer. All of those birthdays and brilliant new business ideas: don’t let them get lost in the shuffle of your daily life. Give them a place to live on the page!

7. Track Your Deadlines

Give those to-dos a time to get done—and track it all in your Day Designer! And don’t just set one deadline for the end of a big project; work backwards and set deadlines for each of the smaller tasks that need to be handled leading up to it. When you break a project—and its corresponding deadlines—down into smaller pieces, you’ll be far less overwhelmed by all that needs to get done . . . and you’ll be that much more likely to do it!

8. Brainstorm New Big Ideas

Do you have a big new idea brewing? Perhaps you want to start looking for a new job or want to plan a surprise party for your significant other? Start brainstorming everything you need and want to do using your Day Designer. What steps do you need to take? Who do you need to contact? What’s your deadline? What’s your next step? Break that big idea down into smaller, actionable to-dos to get you moving and schedule those in your Day Designer, too!

9. Plan Your Meals

Use the daily pages of your Day Designer to plan your meals for the week. What will you have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day? Do you need to get ingredients from the grocery store? Make a list of what you need and schedule a trip in your planner too! You’ll be taking one more to-do off of your mental plate by planning your meals ahead of time.

10. Make Time to Be Grateful

Create a daily gratitude practice by taking time in the morning, evening, or any time of day that works well for you to write down one or two things that you’re grateful for in your Day Designer. Each daily planning page includes a spot to jot down those things—big and small—that have you brought you joy and made your life better that day. (Perhaps your Day Designer will make the list?) When you see this tracked day after day, you’ll soon start to see the very many things that you have to be grateful for!

* * *

We have said before that the Day Designer isn’t magic, and it can’t live your life for you. But when you use it with intention and consistency, your life may feel more magical than ever! And these 10 tips will help you do just that. Want to try it out? You can download our free daily planning page here. Or get your own Day Designer today and start designing your best life!


What’s your favorite Day Designer feature? Share with us in the comments below!

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