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How Do I Sign Up For The Rewards Program?

Simply click the Rewards button on the lower-right corner of the screen, then click, Join Now!

What If I Already Have A Day Designer Account/Follow You On Social Media?

Click on the Rewards button on the lower-right corner of the screen, then click on, Sign In. Click back on the Rewards button to view your account information. Your activity will automatically update!

How Do I Redeem My Points?

Once you have earned enough points, there will be a visible Redeem button for you to select in your account. You may earn up to 2500 points in one year. Use the points slider to select the amount of points you would like to spend, then click Redeem and Apply Code.

Can I Receive Credit For Past Purchases?

Past purchases will not count toward your rewards account. Point accumulation began automatically during our program launch on November 21, 2023!

Do Points Expire?

Points expire one year after they are issued. We will email you a reminder 30 days prior to the expiration date so you don't miss out! (Please note: Customers must be opted in to receive notifcations to be reminded of point expiry. eGift Card purchases do not qualify for the points program.)

How Do I Earn Birthday Points?

Earn 500 Birthday points by entering the date into the Rewards panel more than 30 days before your birthday. For example, if your birthday is June 1, be sure to add it to your account before May 1. Entries provided less than 30 days prior to the date, will receive birthday points on your next birthday.

Is There A Referral Limit?

Feel free to refer as many friends & family members as you'd like! Once their order is fulfilled using your referral link, you will receive your $15 coupon link via email. (Please note: Referring customer rewards expire in 30 days. Referred friend rewards expire in 60 days.)

Can I Use My Own Referral Link On My Purchase?

Self referrals are prohibited, will be cancelled, and will result in rewards program exclusion.

Where Can I Get More Info?

We're happy to help answer any questions you may have! Please email us at: