How to Organize Your Life – 5 Simple Hacks

How to Organize Your Life – 5 Simple Hacks

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Having trouble organizing your life? We hear this quite often and the good news is that there are some simple solutions to help you stay on top of it all.

Organization skills are acquired over time by cultivating the right habits to maintain a sense of order.

Getting more organized is one of the top reasons people turn to Day Designer, and we love helping out with this goal. We believe that while getting organized takes time and effort, the end result is well worth it!

A simplified home, workspace, and mind will free you up and enable you to better focus on your tasks at hand while also allowing you to be more present.

Learn how to organize your life with our top five favorite organizational hacks.

5 Simple Hacks for Organizing Your Life

1. Get It Out of Your Head – Write Out Your Goals, Plans, and To-Dos!

Organized people are organized because they have a system for remembering things – and it doesn’t involve trying to use the brain like a suitcase!

Get into the habit of writing everything down from goals and priorities to projects and tasks. Writing things down helps you remember your thoughts, frees up your mind, enables you to solve problems, and motivates you to take action – all important benefits that support your goal to live an organized life.

Pro-tip: When you feel disorganized or overwhelmed by it all, create a ‘brain dump’ by getting every single thought down onto paper. Don’t be concerned with categories or neatness. You can organize your brain dump into separate lists later – and then identify tasks to add to your planner!

Need a guide for organizing your life? Download our free printables!

2. Create a Schedule

Living an organized life goes hand-in-hand with keeping a schedule. Knowing where you need to be (and when!), keeping an eye on upcoming deadlines, and planning your time in a way that supports your goals and priorities are key to your success!

While many of us at least partially rely on a digital calendar, it’s important to find a planner that fits your lifestyle. Mapping out your schedule on paper helps you visualize your time.

3. Streamline Your Tasks

One of our favorite ways to stay organized is by streamlining tasks each week and each day. Do you have a handful of similar tasks that need to get done? Consider doing them in batches! Block out this time in your planner. This strategy works especially well for projects like email replies, meeting days, phone calls, writing sessions, and definitely your errands.

Group tasks together at the beginning of your week and notice how organized you feel!

4. Delete Digital Clutter – Emails, Photos, Files

Organizing and reducing your digital clutter helps eliminate stress and creates a sense of calm in your life! Is it time to establish some new habits to keep your devices clutter-free?

Some of our favorites:

  • Clear files and folders saved on your desktop at the start of each month

  • Eliminate unnecessary photos and screenshots at the end of each week

  • Delete or file away your emails as you wrap up each day

5. Tidy Your Space

Take time to reorganize and declutter. Determine what to display, what to store, and what to donate. The key is to keep your space open and clutter-free, which will enable you to enjoy your surroundings and find things more easily.

One of our favorite strategies is for everything to have a home! Establishing a designated place for things in your house or at your workspace will help streamline your life.

Another favorite strategy is the ‘touch it once’ rule. Rather than setting something down where it doesn’t ultimately go, set it down in its home. You’ll thank yourself later!

A tidy space gives you breathing room and helps you feel less boxed in – freeing you up to think more clearly and be more present.

How do you keep your life organized? Share your secrets with us below!


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