A5 Day Designer: A How To Guide

A5 Day Designer: A How To Guide

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You asked for it: a flexible, customizable planner with the ability to be 100% tailored to your specific needs. Now, we’re positively delighted to be able to offer you the A5 Day Designer Planner system! We loved the challenge of creating a product to meet those needs for you, our fantastic customers, while still maintaining the heart of the Day Designer agenda. 

Available in two cover styles – black spotty or white pebble – the A5 Day Designer is a binder-style planner system that enables you to mix and match insert pages and tabs to create the planner that will meet your specific needs, no matter what your life stage is. Each A5 also includes a plethora of pockets to store notes, business cards, stickers, credit cards, stamps, thank you cards, travel documents, and much more.

The A5 Ring Bound Day Designer holds fast to the heart of our brand; it’s an intuitive product that’s high quality and works hard. The goal is to help you plan less, and play more. It’s all about living an intentional life. Every single day.

So, how do you make the A5 Day Designer work for YOU?

Step 1 | Evaluate how the A5 Day Designer should meet your needs. Do you need a place to wrangle meeting notes, or will your A5 be primarily your roadmap for your children’s school year? Will you need lots of space to keep track of to-do lists, or are you looking for a way to stay on top of your calendar? Do you want to keep track of contacts and expenses, or do you prefer to keep those things on your phone? Whatever your planning needs are, the A5 system can be completely customized to work for you.

Step 2 | How do you want to organize your schedule? Do you like having a detailed overview for each day, or do you like seeing the big picture of the entire month? Or do you like to have a combination of both? Using the tabs and the stickers that are included with each starter pack, create a section for your schedule based on your lifestyle.

How To Use Your A5 Day Designer

Step 3 | How do you want to organize your tasks, to-do’s, and notes? This is the sweet spot of the A5 Day Designer: using the various tabs, stickers, and insert sheets to create a personalized and intuitive system. What will you primarily be using your A5 for? It will probably be your calendar and/or daily planning plages, so make those your first and/or second tabs. Create specific tabs for lists and notes for various sections of your life: personal, work, business, fitness, etc. Evaluate what pages from the insert pack you won’t be using as much, and relegate those to your last tab or store them someplace else entirely.

Once you’ve evaluated how you need your A5 to meet your needs and how you want to organize your schedule and tasks, it’s time to combine your tabs and pages into a system that works for you and your life! Below are some examples of how some of our Day Designer team members have set up their A5 Day Designer.

Julie, one of our fantastic Day Designer team members, set up her A5 like this:

Tab #1 – TO DO | “I use this section with the Big To Do List pages for brain dump lists.”

Tab #2 – CALENDAR | “I use this tab for my February spread. I clipped my monthly overview to the tabs, so that right when I open, I see the spread.”

Tab #3 – CALENDAR | “I have two calendar tabs, but I have my March spread here to get an idea of what’s coming up next month. Again, I clipped it to the tabs.”

Tab #4 – DAILY | “Since they’re undated, I’m filling them out as I go. I could also fill them all out on Sunday for weekly prep.”

Tab #5 – WORK | “I use this for notes and to-do’s specific to my work with Day Designer.”

Tab #6 – FITNESS | “Even though I don’t have any pages here, I wanted this as a tab to keep it in the forefront of my mind. I’m hoping to keep some sort of exercise goals or log here in the future!”

Julie says, “I love having notes pages on hand at all times. I’m not using the contacts pages as I have everything in my phone. I haven’t started using the pockets yet, but hope to soon!”

Rachel, another gal on the Day Designer team, set up her A5 as less of a calendar and more of a notebook:

Tab #1 – CALENDAR | “The only pages in this section are Important Dates in 2016, the yearly and monthly overviews, and the perpetual calendar. I primarily use the Flagship for my daily planning, so the A5 is more of a notebook for me. However, sometimes I use the daily pages and set them up like this!”

How To Use Your A5 Day Designer

Tab #2 – WORK | “I use this tab for notes and big to-do lists for my job with Day Designer.”

Tab #3 – PERSONAL | “Here, I keep notes and to-do lists for personal projects.”

Tab #4 – TO-DO | “I use this section for various other to-do lists that don’t quite fit any place else.”

Tab #5 – EXPENSES | “Using the expenses pages from the starter pack, I keep track of assorted budgets with my husband.”

Tab #6 – NOTES | “Here I keep all the extra pages and stickers from the starter pack. That way, they aren’t cluttering up the rest of my A5, but I still have them in case I need them.”

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