Choosing Your 2024 Word for the Year

Choosing Your 2024 Word for the Year

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Choosing a word for the year that is all-encompassing of what you want to achieve and embrace is one of our favorite New Year traditions!

You’ve said farewell to 2023 and you’re ready to embrace the fresh, new year ahead. Turning the page to January symbolizes a new beginning and inspires us to do and be our best. Selecting a guiding word is the perfect way to start.

Today, we encourage you to take a few minutes to sum up your hopes and dreams for 2024 into one meaningful word. Yes, one word. Something that you’ll keep at the forefront of your mind as you go about each day.

On the cover page of your Day Designer Flagship Planner, you’ll see a prompt for your Word For The Year. There’s a reason for it being there and today we’re focusing on just that, choosing your word of the year.

Why You’ll Love Having a Word for the Year

Choosing the single best word for the year based on your personal aspirations and intentions will guide what you focus on and embrace in 2024.

This one word can provide the “why” to your goals and help you live more mindfully each day. One that motivates you to stick with your best routines and habits and reminds you to take that next tiny step of progress.

This is your year! So live it to its fullest. Choosing a word for the year will be your prompt for intentional living this year.

Choosing the Perfect Word

When choosing a word of the year, think of a word that represents what you want out of this coming year. Reflect on the past year, think about your current values and goals, and be prepared to fully embrace the word you select. To get your thoughts flowing on how to choose a word of the year, here are just a few examples that the Day Designer community has shared with us recently:

Balance • Kindness • Gratitude • Hope • Passion • Wellness • Adventure

Consistency • Focus • Laughter • Dream • Mindful • Resilience • Unite

Forgive • Community • Generosity • Organize • Trust • Prosper • Courage

Seek • Alignment • Change • Fearless • Love • Simplify • Elevate

Compassion • Beauty • Faith • Cultivate • Family • Sparkle • Awareness

Fulfilled • Play • Friendship • Happiness • Purpose • Abundance • Dedication

Journey • Overcome • Serenity • Forward • Centered • Dance • Give

Intentional • Positivity • Rise • Let Go • Joy • Savor • Less • Healing

Free • Boundaries • Creativity • Heart • Light • Perspective • Connect

Spirit • Harmony • Action • Exploration • Contentment • Allow • Glow

Healing • Thoughtful • Soar • Calm • Transform • Peace • Movement

Inspire • Breathe • Flourish • Create • Believe • Grace • Possibility

Self Love • Delight • Connection • Acceptance • Integrity • Reflect

Thrive • Strength • Persevere • Listen • Embrace • Commit • Bloom

Grounded • Pause • Stillness • Meaningful • Brave • Appreciate • Renew

Clarity • Grow • Present • Vulnerability • Build • Shine • Streamline • Wonder

The best word of the year is the one that will help keep YOU on track when you feel overwhelmed. Is there something that you want to keep at the forefront of your mind throughout the year? Hopefully, the guiding words above will get you going in the right direction.

Be sure to write down your Word For The Year in your planner and share it with us today in the comments below! What is your 2024 Word for the Year?

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