A Close-Up Look at the Day Designer Daily Planning Page

A Close-Up Look at the Day Designer Daily Planning Page

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When you commit to planning out your day, you take control—as opposed to letting your day control you! In turn, you find yourself accomplishing more. This added level of productivity, efficiency, and focus improves your overall success and happiness.

The signature daily planning page is what Day Designer is all about. On a regular basis, use the following prompts on our daily page to keep you focused and on track.

Today + To-Do

Each daily page contains the two most essential foundations of planning: today (your schedule) and to-do (your tasks).

Envision how you’ll want your day to go, then identify the tasks that will get you there. Write out your schedule and appointments, and take a clear look at everything all together. Too much to do? Move it to the next day.

Top Three

Use this space to write your most important to-dos, or to outline a theme for your day. What three items would you not feel like the day was a success if they were not completed?

If you have trouble identifying which tasks need to take priority, then imagine that you suddenly need to go out of town tomorrow. What are the three most important things to accomplish before you go?

Due, Dollars, Dinner, Don’t Forget

The corner quadrant of the daily planning page offers space for Due (bills or projects), Dollars (saved, expenses, or sales), Dinner (where, when, who with, what), and Don’t Forget.

Alternatively, you can be creative with these spaces and simply fill in something that specifically helps you design your day!


Extra space is always helpful. Make a new list, jot down reminders, or record notes from a meeting or a call. No more sticky notes scattered across your desk!

Daily Gratitude

To experience true happiness, stop once a day to find something—big or small—to be grateful for. If this is hard at first, it will get easier over time. Being grateful each and every day will add more joy and positivity in your life.

The beauty of Day Designer is its flexibility. View a few examples of the Day Designer daily planning page complete with scheduled tasks and to-dos below. You can use or repurpose the spaces and prompts to track whatever works best for you!

What are your favorite elements of the Day Designer daily planning page? Let us know in the comments below.

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Day Designer Daily Planning Page

Day Designer Daily Page

Daily Planning Page | Day Designer

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