How to Motivate Yourself to Get Things Done

How to Motivate Yourself to Get Things Done

Do you struggle with finding the motivation to get things done? We've certainly been there!

Motivation is something we need daily to keep ourselves on task, yet, unfortunately, this is affected by many factors. Motivation can come and go based on how we're feeling physically, the status of our relationships, the environment surrounding us, and countless other circumstances...

But while it's easy to place blame on our circumstances, what matters most is that we find a way to tap into our motivation when it's MIA! There are plenty of simple ways that you can revive your lost motivation and power through the task at hand.

Here are our top tips on finding motivation when you need it most!

1. Make a Schedule

A schedule is an important tool when it comes to staying on track. When you have a schedule, you'll be less likely to lose focus and therefore motivation. Your first step is to find a planner that works for you – one that helps you map out your day, manage your time, and prioritize.

2. Work Towards a Deadline

If you are like most people, if you have a deadline to meet, you will do your best to meet it! When you don’t have a deadline, things often get pushed aside, allowing other things to become a priority instead. By setting deadlines for yourself, you'll find more motivation to complete your tasks versus veering off course.

3. Set Small, Achievable Goals

By setting small goals, you'll be more likely to stay on track and finish each task. Celebrating each small win (even if it's just with a strikethrough or a checkmark!) will encourage you to keep going, boost your self-esteem, and motivate you to take on the next challenge. 

4. Be Accountable to Someone Else

By holding yourself accountable to someone, you'll multiply your chances of finding motivation! Make your goals official by sharing them with an accountability partner. Much like how meeting a friend at the gym helps get you there, holding yourself accountable to someone is sure to boost your motivation in amazing ways.

5. Keep Healthy Habits

The status of your physical well-being can affect your level of motivation. You'll likely feel sluggish when you don’t eat healthy foods, come up short on your hydration, or miss out on sleep. A healthy, well-balanced lifestyle can do wonders for increasing your chances of keeping motivated!

6. Find Your Passion

Finally, it’s worth noting the importance of being passionate about whatever it is you're struggling to achieve – from the type of career you choose to the type of workout you engage in. While all of the above techniques can help you find motivation, doing something you truly enjoy will keep you motivated for much longer than even the best motivational technique!

What about you? How do you stay motivated and on track when you don’t feel up to the tasks at hand? Share with us in the comments below. Plus, sign up to receive our top tips delivered directly to your email inbox!

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