Which Planner is Right For Me: Daily or Weekly?

Which Planner is Right For Me: Daily or Weekly?

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Finding the perfect planner to fit your life can feel daunting! Sometimes you know as soon as you see it while other times it takes more research. Some of us get swept away by the pretty patterns, but what's on the inside is truly most important.

Here at Day Designer, we encourage you to preview our planning page layouts – and we even offer the opportunity to try them for free.

Today, we're helping you choose between the best-selling formats from Day Designer: our Flagship Daily Planner and our Flagship Weekly Planner.

Which planner is right for me?

To make the decision easier, we've put together a quick quiz. Find out how to choose a planner and which planner format is right for you by asking yourself the following questions and seeing which statements resonate most!

How to Take the Quiz

Take our quick quiz and we'll recommend the perfect planner for you. For each of the five points below, just write down A or B on a piece of paper. At the end, you'll tally them up and learn which planner is the best fit.

1. What is my schedule like?

First, consider your schedule. Whether you are interested in personal planning, business planning, or a mix of both – which of the following do you most relate to?

(A) Each day is packed with appointments and to-dos. Sometimes I don’t know where to start!

(B) I like to plan ahead and see what’s coming up each week.

2. What do I need help with most?

When it comes to planning and implementing, consider what you struggle with most.

(A) Prioritizing my tasks.

(B) Balancing work, family, and personal priorities.

3. What’s my planning style?

Next, think about how much or how little you like to write down each day.

(A) I like to write down all the details of my daily schedule and to-dos.

(B) I prefer to simply write down what’s most important.

4. What are my note-taking preferences?

Some planners offer more space for notes than others. For example, our Flagship Weekly Planner includes a section of notes pages in the back.

(A) I will use my planner primarily for scheduling and to-dos. A small space for notes will suffice!

(B) In addition to scheduling and to-dos, I want to include notes in my planner. I like the idea of a separate section of notes pages.

5. Which of these do I relate to more?

And finally, to understand which planner is right for you, consider which you can relate to most:

(A) I am a "Type A" personality and thorough planning every day helps maintain my well-being.

(B) I am a big-picture type of person and tend to plan more when I am super busy and less when I’m not.

Now, find out which planner is right for you.

If your answers included mostly As, our DAILY PLANNER is the one for you. Learn more, try our signature daily page for free, or shop now.

If your answers included mostly Bs, our WEEKLY PLANNER sounds right up your alley! Learn more, try our weekly planning pages for free, or shop now.

Did you determine which planner format is right for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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