Ready For a Fresh Start? How to Realign Your Life With Your Priorities

Ready For a Fresh Start? How to Realign Your Life With Your Priorities

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Winter has quickly moved into spring – and we couldn’t feel more ready for it! The turn of the season means a new opportunity to make sure we’re living in alignment with our top priorities – and, if not, to embrace the dose of inspiration that spring always seems to bring.

To get you back on track and on your way to starting fresh this season, we’re sharing our favorite tips to help you realign your life with your top priorities:

1. Review your overarching goals and values

Remind yourself of your goals and values in life. Make sure these are written down in a place where you can review them at the start of each season – and as often as possible!

Having clearly-identified goals and values will help you live a life that is aligned with exactly what you want out of it.

2. Hone in on what you want to prioritize most this season

Our priorities are the areas of our lives that are truly most important to us. They help us live a productive and meaningful life that is in support of our goals and values.

As you embark on this new season, what are the activities, habits, and relationships that you will aim to invest your time and efforts into?

3. Align your monthly, weekly, and daily plans

Now that you have identified what you want to prioritize, you can become more intentional with your time by aligning your monthly, weekly, and daily plans in your planner. (Don’t have one? Try our FREE planning pages.)

4. Create space for the “me” time you need (and deserve!)

Be sure to carve out time for yourself as you plan the season ahead. This strategy alone is essential for living a meaningful, well-designed life.

Set boundaries with your time – and guard them closely! Create space to simply unplug and recharge. Turn off your devices and let your mind rest. Get outside, read a book, connect in person, and simply enjoy your life.

5. Reflect often and adjust as needed

Whether it’s weekly or monthly or even daily, jot down a time in your planner to reflect back on how things are going and to look ahead at what’s next. Don’t be surprised if your overarching goals or top priorities need a bit of tweaking. Life happens – embrace the journey! Simply make any adjustments that are needed.

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