How to Set Goals for Yourself + Free Goal Setting Worksheet

How to Set Goals for Yourself + Free Goal Setting Worksheet

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Ready to set your goals for the new year? We're here to help! If the idea of setting goals makes you feel overwhelmed, then it's time to simplify. We've created a free goal setting printable to help you do just that!

According to Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy, people often get down on themselves because of unrealistic or poorly planned goals.

Setting realistic goals builds the foundation for success. For example, if you're setting a goal to achieve by the end of the year, what does progress look like along the way? And if you are setting goals for your career, what about goals for your health?

How to Set Goals for Yourself

Our goal setting worksheet ensures that you set goals across five important areas of life: Self-Care, Relationships, Personal Development, Resources, and Vocation.

This goal setting template prompts you to break down your goals by defining the progress you'd like to see on a quarterly basis in the year ahead.

Areas of Life To Consider

Let's review the five key areas of life and what to consider as you set goals in these areas.

1. Self-Care

Prioritize your health and happiness. You have to take care of you!

2. Relationships

Friends and family matter! Relationships are the most important things in our lives. How will you prioritize them?

3. Personal Development

Never stop learning and growing. What will you do to better yourself as a person and move forward in life?

4. Resources

Set goals to better manage your most important resources: time and money.

5. Vocation

Determine how you can feel more inspired and successful in your career (or schoolwork), your volunteer roles, your job as a parent – or perhaps all of the above.

Download our free goal setting printable today!

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