5 Everyday Tasks You Should Automate or Delegate

5 Everyday Tasks You Should Automate or Delegate

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Let’s face it; we only have so many hours in a day.

Unfortunately though, much of our time is wasted on time-draining tasks that we don’t enjoy, or don’t have time for. This of course, leaves us feeling guilty, stressed, overworked, and overwhelmed –a toxic combination!

To save time, and spend more time doing the things that matter, it’s important to focus on what’s important, remember to say ‘no,’ and start looking for ways to delegate and automate as much as possible.

If you’re looking for ways to free up your time, here are five everyday tasks you should automate, or hand off to others. Read on and start scaling back that to-do list!

1. Paying Bills

Ok, so bills are not exactly an everyday task. But the fact is that the time that’s spent keeping up with bills; opening, sorting, and paying them, can all add up. Take advantage of the increasing number of companies that are allowing customers the option of automatic bill payment. It will make like easier, and save time too.

2. Chores

Unless you live alone, you should be delegating chores. Chores are something that should be divided amongst all of the family members. There’s no point in one family member shouldering all of the work, in a family, everyone should pull his or her own weight. Anyone can learn to get better at something with practice, so have patience with the less-than-efficient ones, and include them when assigning chores as well.

3. Dinner

Sharing cooking responsibilities can be a lifesaver! Sure, you may be the fastest, most efficient chef in your house, but think of how much time daily cooking tasks add up to each week. Are you really saving time by doing it all yourself? Having another family member help out with the cooking, can help to save you a considerable amount of time. Other ideas include cooking large portions of casseroles, soups, or pasta dishes, and freezing the additional portions to use later in the week, or opting for fast, simple dinners a few times a week.

4. Grocery Shopping

Ordering your shopping online can be a great way to save time, allowing you to automate -and delegate- your grocery shopping to your local grocery store! Many grocery stores now deliver direct to your door (or your kitchen if you wish!) and some will save your weekly shopping list so that it’s ready the next time you place your order. There are also apps available, like Our Groceries that work out great if there are two of you doing the shopping. This app allows two people to sign in and add things to the grocery list, or mark things off, keeping you both up to date on what’s needed, and who bought what.

5. Budgeting

Did you know that you can automate your budget? With budgeting software like Mint –a free finance app, you can easily track your spending, and view what you’re spending money on. No need to write it all out the old fashioned way. Keep track of your financial goals and keep up with your money while on the go. It’s as close to automated budgeting as you can get!

Delegating and automating is a great way to save time, and will free you up to do what you love. Now start delegating and start having more time to enjoy!

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