Why Women Make Effective Communicators and Leaders

Why Women Make Effective Communicators and Leaders

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Leadership and communication go hand in hand. In order to be a great leader, you must be able to communicate well – and, ideally, should be able to inspire and motivate others – to help bring them on board.

Being a leader comes with many responsibilities and many job titles. It requires you to be strong, confident, and capable – all things that women tend to excel in. In fact, according to a number of studies, women have many traits that make them excellent leaders and great bosses.

While there are still more men bosses than women, there’s no denying the fact that when it comes to leadership, women have many impressive qualities and abilities to offer the business world. Let’s take a look at some solid traits that make women successful leaders and communicators.

They’re Great Communicators

While women certainly know how to talk – studies show that women tend to express themselves more eloquently than men – they’re also great at listening and hearing the other side. Listening is an all-too-often forgotten skill today, and many leaders use their positions of power primarily to tell others how to do things. It’s also important to note that communication is more than just talking. It’s about perceiving body language and feelings – something that women tend to excel at. Since women have a strong understanding of what drives people, they’re great at motivating their team.

They’re Better Community Builders

A good leader knows that they can’t do it themselves; but rather, that they need a strong team to help get the work done. Women are great community builders, and don’t have the need to direct everyone around like men often do. Instead, they tend to lead by example. This concept is something that Dana Ardi outlines in her new book, The Fall of the Alphas, where she shows that the male authoritarian leader is being replaced by a more collaborative manager.

They’re More Patient

Women tend to have far more patience with employees than men do – and are less likely to jump to a conclusion or to take action too soon. According to this study, women are also willing to wait longer for a desired result. This is important since success often doesn’t come quickly – instead, it’s often the result of long hours, and years of hard work.

They Can Wear Many Hats

While multitasking isn’t always the most efficient way to get things done, there are times where as a leader, you’ll have to wear multiple hats. Being able to seamlessly transition from one role to the next is something that women are especially good at – and it’s a useful trait when you’re in a position of leadership.

They Make It Look Easy

Women have the ability to make even the most difficult tasks look easy. “Women are pragmatic, resilient and usually able to maneuver tricky situations with grace,” says Jody Clower, founder and CEO, Nestiny. “Their perspectives are borne out of a mix of trial by fire and sheer fortitude. They look at the world with bravery and are able to piece together the world around them like a complex puzzle.”

Many women tend to severely underestimate their abilities and qualifications – as a result, passing up opportunities to apply for leadership roles. But it’s important to recognize your skills and traits – and embrace them. Being a great female leader isn’t about learning to lead like a man. Instead, it starts by embracing your own potential and recognizing that you have it within yourself to lead.

What traits help you lead others? Let us know in the comments below.

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