What Are You Doing For You This Week?

What Are You Doing For You This Week?

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Need a little happiness boost? How about a productivity boost? Perhaps you want more energy throughout your day—or you’re looking for a quick fix to your most pressing problem.

The #1 thing you can do this week (or better yet, today!) is something for yourself. 

Remind yourself that self-care is not indulgent. Instead, it’s a necessity. In order to achieve happiness and success in other areas, you need to move your own mental, physical, and emotional health to the top of your priority list.

Take inventory of what you’ve done for YOU lately and what you have scheduled in. If you’ve put yourself on the back burner lately, it’s time to:

Schedule something for YOU.

Block the time to make it happen.

Follow through with it.

Get yourself there. Turn off distractions.

Notice how you feel during and after.

Inspire yourself do it again—and again.


Get out your Day Designer and mark down what’s next.

As you set your routine for the new school year or season ahead, it’s just as important to carve out time for yourself in order to best serve the other areas of your life. 

Remember, you’re totally worth it! What are you doing for you this week? Share with us in the comments below.

To discover more tips on making self-care a priority, head over to this post. For a place to record your schedule and to-dos while carving out time for yourself, turn to Day Designer!


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