Best Ways To Keep Your Mental Health In Check

Best Ways To Keep Your Mental Health In Check

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A mix of overwhelm, stress, and a pandemic is definitely not what the doctor ordered when it comes to getting your mental health in ideal shape. And when we don’t have regular mental health check-ins, it affects how we think, feel, and act – which pretty much sums up every facet of ourselves!

While we’re all looking for the quickest fix or easiest path, the reality is that experiencing positive mental health is truly a journey rather than a destination. Better yet, a way of life. And personal mental health check-ins should occur each and every day.

By now, we’ve all learned that if you don’t take proper care of yourself (and as a result, your mental health) – then you’re leaving space for things like negativity, stress, anxiety, doubt, and comparison to creep in.

Whether the past two years have taken a toll on you or you’re simply looking to take better care of yourself in the new year, the importance of mental health cannot be overstated. Be sure to incorporate the following mood-boosting strategies into your days and weeks, and soon your self care goals will begin to pay off.

1. Prioritize physical activity, brain breaks, and sleep.

To properly take care of yourself, it’s important to not neglect some of these most essential self care goals! Plan movement and physical activity into your day. It’s important to get your blood flowing through exercise!

Take breaks: journal, go for a walk, take a nap, and have lunch without your device.

Lastly, get enough sleep! Take a look at your evening routine to ensure you’re prepped for a quality night of sleep.

2. Nurture your needs through planning and positivity.

When you have a plan, you’re in control. When those plans are followed, regular mental health check-ins are smoother than ever. Improve your ability to plan ahead, making sure you schedule time for the things that make you feel less anxious!

Spend a few minutes with your planner at the start and end of each day to review your self care goals, track your habits, and map out your plans.

Boost your mood by celebrating your wins, thinking positively, cheering yourself on, and recording your daily gratitude in your planner.

3. Connect with others!

We all crave feeling connected, supported, and valued. Make this the year that you take care of yourself by strengthening your connections with family, friends, co-workers, and more. Make plans, write notes, and pick up the phone to call!

Create new connections by joining groups that interest you (in person or virtual). Head out for a walk with your dog – smile and say hello to those around you!

Plus, plan time to help others in your community. The improved attitude and clearer mindset that comes after will reinforce the importance of positive mental health.

Taking Care of Yourself Starts Today

The tips are simple – it’s more about making sure they happen on a regular basis. Grab your planner and make time for what’s most important, your self care goals. When your mental health is in check, you’ll present your best self to everyone and everything around you!

Important note: If you feel too stuck to try these tips or find that they’re not working for you, we encourage you to seek professional help right away.

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