The Struggle Is Real – Why Good Habits Are Hard To Stick To

The Struggle Is Real – Why Good Habits Are Hard To Stick To

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This month we’re talking about habits. To kick off this new theme, let’s dive into an important question: Why are good habits so hard to stick to? Read below to start overcoming the struggle—and stay tuned for our top tips throughout the month!

Identifying which habits would ideal for us to incorporate into our lives comes easy—but getting started and sticking to good habits can be downright tough.

Even if you know you want or need to make a change, it can feel like one obstacle after another getting in your way.

While some say the journey is what’s important—when you want that journey to lead to lasting good habits, then figuring out what’s stopping you is the very first step! Let’s take a look…

Reason #1 – You Want It All Right Now

Want to know what your biggest enemy is? You want the end result right now. There’s nothing wrong with that—but it’s not feasible. While we all wish we could drop all our excess weight after one day at the gym, it’s not possible!

It’s easy to get excited about changing up your routine and starting on the path to good habits. However, change is about the habit, which leads to the desired goal, such as weight loss or feeling healthier.

James Clear said, “We let our motivations and desires drive us into a frenzy as we try to solve our entire problem at once instead of starting a small, new routine.” Think about that for a minute. He goes more in-depth into this and how these tiny results lead to major change in his book Atomic Habits.

In trying to sprint to the end, that new good habit seems impossible. If you can’t succeed immediately, it’s just not meant to be. Yet, working a little at a time is much more feasible and much easier to stick to.

Reason #2 – Bad Habits Are Just So Easy

Let’s face it, bad habits are just so easy to keep. Not only are they easy, they’re sometimes more fun—usually just temporarily though. For instance, binge-watching Netflix shows all weekend long is easy and perhaps fun at first, but it’s not exactly good for your health or social calendar, right?!

Even if you have a love-hate relationship with your bad habits, they’re a part of your life. They’re kind of like that old friend that you need to say goodbye to, but don’t want to hurt their feelings.

Good habits do take some work, but they make you feel better. The best part is that you don’t have to eliminate all of your bad habits. You can still eat junk food, just not 24/7. Binge your favorite TV show, but maybe just now and again.

Reason #3 – Temptation Is Just So Tempting

Is there really anyone who can just eat one piece of pizza? Good habits often mean avoiding temptation, but temptation can be so…tempting!

There’s a reason why so many diets fail. They don’t leave any room for temptation. Instead, we need to create good habits a little at a time. For instance, eat two slices of pizza and a salad versus four or five slices. Or, replace just one unhealthy snack a day with a healthy one.

Giving in to temptation slightly can prevent you from tumbling headfirst into old bad habits. It’s hard sometimes, but those small changes make it much easier to stick to new, better-for-you routines in due time.

Reason #4 – Good Habits Need Support

How often have you heard you should have a workout buddy to stay on track? This advice holds true for most any good habit you want to have. If everyone around you is against your new habit, you’re going to have a difficult time succeeding.

And, thankfully, you don’t have to do things alone. Partner with a friend, find a health coach, or join a like-minded Facebook group to cheer you on, give you advice when you slip, and hold you accountable!

Reason #5 – Change Takes Time

Do you ever find yourself delaying on something you know you need to start doing regularly because you don’t have time to work on it right now—or starting but falling off the bandwagon soon after? Life is busy and that sure makes a great excuse in our minds for not being able to stick to good habits. Sometimes all it takes is a single day of not having time to cook a healthy meal to make you give up on your new cooking habit. Sound familiar?

Small excuses hinder you from sticking to your habits. Learning to counter those excuses is key to creating good habits that stick and help you improve your life. Remind yourself of why you’re doing it in the first place—and start again despite the obstacle that got in your way!

Scheduling goes a long way towards helping good habits become a part of your life. Our Day Designer planners are designed to help you create the habits you want. Throughout the month stay tuned for our upcoming posts on easy habits to improve your life!

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