Question of the Day: Why Can’t I Achieve My Goals?

Question of the Day: Why Can’t I Achieve My Goals?

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After one of our recent posts on the topic of goal setting, we received a message that sparked an important conversation – one that we want to share with you today… Why do people fail to reach their goals?

But before we jump in, let’s talk about something exciting that happens every January. At the turn of the year, we’re all feeling the sheer enthusiasm about committing to our new goals for the year ahead! The turn of the calendar year represents a fresh start, brand new opportunities, and exciting adventures. Plus, the timing couldn’t be better. We’re all ready for the change!

The question we received was from a follower who is right there with us but also remembers how this has played out in years past. Soon after setting her goals, in just a matter of months or even weeks – the enthusiasm seems to wane, the goals get forgotten, and her busy schedule takes over.

When this happens, there are a few key culprits to blame – anywhere from unrealistic expectations to simply not having the right systems in place to reasonably reach your goals. So today, we’re sharing our top advice on how to reach your goals and stay committed when it feels like you can’t achieve your dream. Hint: You can.

1. Find a sense of purpose

Having the ability to reach your goals all starts with the burning motivation of a defined purpose. If you don’t know why a specific goal is important, or what you hope to accomplish by completing it, then you won’t often have the perseverance to see the through. Finding a sense of purpose for your goals will give you reason to keep pushing when the going gets tough. 

2. Write your goals down

Sure, you have a mental list of your goals, but have you written them down? When you don’t know how to achieve your goals, start by putting the goal in writing. Research shows that writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them. When you write something down, it activates the encoding process in your brain. Your brain sees it as more important – and you remember it better! Give it a try.

Plus, your written-down list of goals serves as a visual reminder, which we’ll discuss more in Tip #4 below.

3. Be realistic

Before you move forward with your new and exciting goals, ask yourself: Are my goals realistic and achievable?

Part of being realistic is understanding that the process of reaching your goals will take time and effort. Anything worthwhile takes effort – and we can’t do it all right now! Making progress through iteration will be the key to your success.

4. Make a commitment to yourself

A goal is an agreement with yourself to do something that’s important to you. Make a commitment to do the amount of work that it’s going to take to reach your goals – and remind yourself of your “why” along the way!

5. Break down your goals into manageable pieces

By breaking down your goals, you’ll begin to see how big dreams are more attainable than you think! Only focus on one step at a time, allowing yourself to complete bite-size chunks without getting overwhelmed.

When you can’t achieve your dreams, consider which other actions, routines, and habits you can build into your life to support your goals going forward.

6. Review your goals regularly

Remember the importance of writing down your goals to serve as a visual reminder? Here’s where that comes into play.

The key to crushing your goals is to keep reminding yourself of them. Take a look at your goals every month, every week, and possibly even every single day.

This habit brings reaching your goals to the forefront of your mind as you go about your days – enabling you to make good choices that are in support of your goals.

7. Act on your goals on a regular basis

The very actions, routines, and habits that will support your goals need to be planned into your day. What will you do and when will you do it?

Remember, writing down what you plan to do makes you more likely reach your goals. So, jot down your plans in your planner, and then act on them! This is where your self-discipline comes in – another key to your success.

8. Track your progress

Take time to reflect on all you’ve done each day, week, and month. Make note of the progress you’ve made toward reaching your goals. Check off what you’ve accomplished.

Did you know? Our brains actually get a little kick of dopamine every time we check off an accomplishment!

9. Celebrate your success

Be truly grateful for the progress made and don’t get down if you’re not as far along as you want. You’ll get there if you keep planning and doing.

Along the way, reward yourself with something you enjoy. Celebrating your success from the big achievements to the small wins will help you stay motivated to crush your goals!

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Benefits of Reaching Your Goals

Hopefully, not knowing how to achieve your goals is now a thing of the past. But if you need some extra motivation though, we’re here to remind you of how proper goal-setting can contribute to a well-designed life.

  • Goals give you direction and focus.
  • Goals allow you to measure progress.
  • Goals provide clarity.
  • Goals help you overcome procrastination.
  • Goals give you motivation.
  • Goals keep you accountable.

So let’s get started! With strategies to reach your goals like the ones listed in the article above, you’re prepared to achieve any dreams you have for 2023. Share a goal you’re working on in the comments below! We’d love to cheer you on.

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