How to Reflect on Your Month (With a Free Monthly Reflection Template)

How to Reflect on Your Month (With a Free Monthly Reflection Template)

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A well-designed life is built through personal reflection, planning, and living with intention.

At the end of your month, take a few minutes to reflect. Outlining your monthly highlights and key learnings will help you identify your priorities and action items for the month ahead. Once complete, schedule your next steps in your planner!

Here's how to get started.

Download our Free Monthly Reflection Printable

Monthly Review

As you start your monthly reflection, think back on the following areas:

  • Notable events and projects
  • Progress you made
  • Biggest challenges
  • Key learnings and ways to improve
  • Monthly gratitude
  • Reflections, memories, and more

Remember to stay positive and give yourself grace! Any missteps are simply lessons to learn from, helping you achieve success in the future. 

As you wrap up your monthly review, take advantage of your key learnings and identify your top priorities and actions for the month ahead!

Free Printable

Put your reflection thoughts down onto paper using our free Monthly Review worksheet – a new addition to our printable library.

To complement your Flagship Planner, our printable library offers a variety of planning pages that will help you get organized and find balance as you focus on what's most important to you.

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