How to Reflect on Your Week + Free Printable

How to Reflect on Your Week + Free Printable

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In addition to planning, a well-designed life is built through reflection and making small tweaks that accumulate over time.

Self-reflection allows you to press the pause button, sort through your experiences, and find meaning in what has taken place.

It's important to take a few minutes to reflect at the end of each week. Whether you choose to do this on Friday afternoon, Sunday evening, or somewhere in between – what matters is that you do it before you start planning the week ahead. Your notes of reflection will enable you to make some adjustments and live with intention in the upcoming week!

Here's how to get started.

Weekly Review

When you think back on your week, reflect on the following areas:

  • Your top three wins
  • Your challenges
  • What worked well – and what didn't?
  • Key learnings and ways to improve
  • Your weekly gratitude
  • Other reflections and memories

Remember that any mistakes you made are simply lessons to learn from, helping you achieve success in the future. 

As you wrap up your weekly review, take advantage of your key learnings and identify your top priorities for the week ahead!

Free Printable

Put your reflection thoughts down onto paper using our free Weekly Review worksheet – a new addition to our printable library.

To complement your Flagship Planner, our printable library offers a variety of planning pages that will help you get organized and find balance as you focus on what's most important to you.

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