How To Easily Be More Intentional This Month

How To Easily Be More Intentional This Month

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Now that we’re three months into 2016, the average person has long forgotten the goals and resolutions they set on New Year’s Eve. Winter’s frigid grip can feel like it squeezes the life out of you, and you stumble into spring with no idea of what you want the rest of the year to look like.

The problem is that all the steam and sparkle of the New Year has faded away, but you still want to be more intentional about the rest of 2016.

I remember the first winter after my husband and I got married. It was affectionately nicknamed the “Snowmageddon” winter, since we would get 10” to 12” snowfalls that kept everyone inside. When spring finally arrived, it felt like coming out of hibernation. Now I could get to work on all those goals I’d set! The trouble was, I didn’t know where to start, and no one was all that excited about goals now that it wasn’t January.

I felt like I had failed at all of my goals since I hadn’t made much progress on them over the first few months of the year. That was until I started viewing goals as less of a set destination and more of an intentional journey. Instead of gauging my success on how many boxes I could check off, I started to see my goals as small, intentional action items to work at every day.

Those little action items add up to a well designed life.

That’s why we’ve created Intentional April – to help you easily and intentionally create a well-designed month. Think of it as a fresh start for 2016, a chance to revive all those New Year’s intentions and pair them with practical action steps!

Here are three simple ways to make the most out of Intentional April and be more intentional about making REAL progress on your goals!

1. Follow @theDayDesigner on Instagram. Every day in April (except Saturdays), we’ll be posting a new intention + action in the areas of Confidence, Family, Achievement, Community, and Intention to equip you to create a well-designed month!

2. Bookmark our blog. Head to our blog each day in April for an extra dose of inspiration! We’ll be talking in-depth about each daily intention + action that we post on Instagram.

3. Find an accountability partner. Living an intentional life can be much easier when we share it with others. Send this blog post to a friend or family member and ask them to hold you accountable to following the action steps and living intentionally this April!

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Do you know a friend who could use an extra dose of intention this month? We’d be delighted if you’d share this series with them! You can use any of the sharing buttons below or repost our daily Instagram images using the hashtag #IntentionalApril.

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