Build Your Own Planner With The A5 Luxe Collection!

Build Your Own Planner With The A5 Luxe Collection!

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Real change can happen when you commit to an intuitively-designed planning system. By committing to this type of system, you have the opportunity to transform the way you juggle and organize your life. It will help you figure out a focus for intentional living and, as a result, enable you to live a more engaged, present, and authentic life.

As Day Designer founder Whitney English felt her planning needs evolve, she found herself wanting more. She needed a format that would combine the principles of the original flagship Day Designer while offering even more flexibility.

Planner peace is not easy to find, but leave it to our A5 Luxe Collection to fill the void. The A5 Luxe Collection, which debuted in 2016, offers a highly flexible planning system – one that you can personally customize page-by-page and organize by coordinating tabs. The collection offers a gorgeous and highly-functional binder as your daily planner which is designed to enclose your choice of insert pages filled with prompts to help you live your life with more clarity and order.

The A5 Luxe Collection brings you intuitive products that are high quality and hard working. The goal is to help you plan less and play more. It’s all about living an intentional life, every single day. Choosing (and creating, in this case!) a system that works is key to your success.

Today we’re sharing an in-depth view of the Day Designer 2017 A5 Luxe Collection, which will be released this coming Wednesday. Read on to see why it just might offer the ideal planning system to transform your life.

Let’s get started with a step-by-step guide to building that perfect planner to suit all of your planning needs!

Step 1: Choose Your Cover Style

Select between these gorgeous leather options:

• Mindful Mint – Our signature Day Designer shade with navy liner.
• Organized Orchid – The perfect shade of magenta with navy liner.
• Neat & Tidy Navy – Sophisticated, stylish, and navy throughout!
• Simple Citrus – A poppy chartreuse exterior with navy liner.

Or, opt for our lovely vegan leather style which is offered in:

• White Pebble – The perfect creamy warm white!

Step 2: Get To Know Your Binder

Our artfully-crafted A5 binder offers these luxurious features:

• 6-Ring Binder Format
• Gold Zipper + Hardware
• Magnetic Enclosure Flap with Pen Loop
• Zippered + Stitched Pockets – Ideal for storing note cards, passport, credit cards, notepads, and other odds and ends – even your phone!

Day Designer - A5 Luxe Colleciton - Mindful Mint Binder

Step 3: Review Your Starter Pack

Your A5 binder will come with a 2017 Starter Pack. We’ve chosen our Warm Colors Starter Pack or our Cool Colors Starter Pack to best coordinate with each cover:

• Cool Colors Starter Pack – Blues, greens, and purple. This pack is included with Mindful Mint and Neat & Tidy Navy binders, and sold separately.
• Warm Colors Starter Pack – Pinks, yellow, and green. This pack is included with Organized Orchid and Simple Citrus binders, and sold separately.

Day Designer - A5 Luxe Collection - 2017 Starter Packs - Planner Inserts

But beyond just the colors, you’ll want to know what all is included – the intuitively-designed pages and prompts. The Day Designer A5 collection features:

• Yearly and monthly calendar spreads to track months at a time
• Undated daily planning pages
• Note and to-do pages for everyday lists and larger projects, as well as expense trackers
• Colored, customizable tab pages
• Sticker sheets and more!

To top off the intuitive layout of the pages, we think you’ll fall in love with the paper weight itself – our heaviest and most luxurious paper yet.

Step 4: Decide What Type of Planning Is Best For You

Planning needs are personal and often depend on which season of life you’re in, so you’ll need to think about what will work best for you. Not sure? That’s perfectly okay. The beauty of the A5 is flexibility. You can try one way and then modify, and try another way as many times as it takes. Most of our planning friends combine 2-3 or even all 4 of the following:

• Yearly Planning – There are several yearly planning tools in the starter pack: a reference calendar, important dates checklist, and a perpetual calendar.
• Monthly Planning – These are included in your starter pack as well! New in our 2017 edition, your monthly view is now on two pages and also offers ample space to review last month and set goals for next month! You’re going to absolutely love this update.
• Weekly Planning – If weekly planning suits you, we have two optional supplement packs to choose from: Week On Two Pages and Checklist Weekly. You can add one of these in!
• Daily Planning – Your starter pack includes 96 undated daily planning pages – good for 3 months of use! Try our A5 page for free here. To supplement your starter pack, we also offer dated pages separately as well as packs of undated pages.

Step 5: Customize Your A5

Think about your own life and your own schedule. Identify the things that you need. And then, you can browse through our supplement packs and ultimately build a planner that works for you. For example, we often hear that you are looking for more room to take notes and make lists. A benefit to this system is that you can add notes pages as you need them. And one more thing – if color isn’t your style, we offer a gold foil supplement pack of tabs and stickers in the shop. You can simply take out those warm or cool hues, and add in the gold. Check out our A5 shop for additional options not mentioned here!

The beauty of the A5 system is flexibility. You can customize it to fit your needs. Take out pages that you don’t use – and know that there’s no guilt in skipping a page. That’s just part of life. Find how it works best for you – and see the change in how you organize your life.

Is this the planner for you?

We loved telling you about our latest updates to the A5 Luxe Collection! Would this system enhance your focus and productivity ­– leading to a more balanced life? What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

Mark your planner to join us on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 11am CT in our A5 shop. See you at the launch, friends!

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