5 Foolproof Steps to Planning Your Next Project

5 Foolproof Steps to Planning Your Next Project

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Thinking up a project that would benefit your life or job is the easy part! You want to organize your photos, host a community fundraiser, or take on a new role at work. But you start thinking: Where would I even start? How will I stay focused? Will I even follow through and see this to the finish line?

We've all been there! The solution is to invest a little time in project planning. Before you know it, your project will seem less overwhelming than you once thought.

We've created a free worksheet to help you create a plan for your project. Download our Free Project Planner Printable and join us below for a step-by-step guide to project planning. 

How to Create a Project Plan

Define Your Goals and Objectives

Before you get started, it's important to fully understand the "why" behind your project! A few questions to ask yourself: What would I like to accomplish? What overarching goal does this support? What am I aiming to achieve? These questions will help you define your objective as you take on a new project.

Draft a Rough Outline of your Project Plan

Brainstorm your project! For this step, grab a notebook or separate piece of paper and 'brain dump' your thoughts about this project. Jot everything down in no particular order, with the goal of creating a rough outline. Visualize what it will take from start to finish!

Set a Completion Date

Setting a deadline is an effective way to achieve both long and short-term goals. When it comes to project planning, setting a final completion date will create a sense of urgency, direction, and motivation! It gives you something to work towards – even if you need to adjust it along the way.

Outline Your Tasks With Due Dates

Now that you've set an ideal date for completion, you'll want to break your project into manageable pieces, each with corresponding due dates to keep your project on target. Make a clear outline of what needs to happen and when.

Review Your Project Plan Regularly!

Determine how often you want to check in with yourself on the status of this project. Depending on the scope and timeline, this might be monthly, weekly, or even daily. Mark your planner to ensure that your check-ins happen! Check off what you've accomplished and make a plan for your next steps. If you find that you're having trouble sticking with your project, check out our post that will guide you on how to achieve your goals

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