3 Strategies to Manage Time, Money, and Energy Through Achievable Goals

3 Strategies to Manage Time, Money, and Energy Through Achievable Goals

Time, money, and energy are three of the most valuable resources to every human being. And yet, all too often, it seems as if we never have enough of them!

Where does the time go?
What have I been spending money on?
Why do I feel exhausted—and yet, like nothing is getting done?

We’ve all been there.

Because, as with anything, balancing time, money, and energy better requires awareness and attention; it requires an intentional plan and specific goals that ensure you’re spending these resources in exactly the right places.

Last week, we shared our tips for setting goals that encourage personal growth. Today, we’re offering our insights into balancing your time, money, and energy better with the right goals. Because you can’t realistically cultivate balance in your life if you’re not being a careful (and caring) steward of your time, money, and energy. After all, each of these resources support how you show up in every area of your life.

Here are three strategies to help you do just that:

Take Inventory

Where is all of your time, money, and energy going right now? You may think you’re aware of it, but it can be a surprise to take a close look! Often, the first step to finding balance and implementing good habits when it comes to your resources (or anything, really) is an honest awareness of what is happening in the present moment. It can be difficult to look at the reality of a situation (especially if it’s a situation you want to change), but it’s an important first step to changing it! Spend a few days (or more!) tracking your time, your spending, and your energy levels throughout the day. You may be surprised to find how many activities you’re taking on, items you’re purchasing, or interactions you’re experiencing almost unconsciously—all of which can be a drain on your resources.

Identify What’s Important

Next, it’s helpful to get clear on where you actually want your resources to flow. When we’re not conscious of how we’re spending our time, money, and energy, it’s all too easy for it to flow without direction—which you probably saw when you started taking inventory of it! Be intentional about your time, money, and energy by directing them consciously. Where and with who do you want to spend your time? What do you want and need to spend your money on? What experiences and individuals are most deserving of your attention and energy? Take your Day Designer and actually write out a list of who and what is most important to you, and who should and will receive your resources. As with anything, a well-designed life is an intentional one—so be intentional about where your time, money, and energy flow!

Be Proactive

Now that you know where your time, money, and energy have been going—and you are clear about where you want to intentionally steer these resources instead!—be proactive about how you will make that happen. If you can see that daily trips to Starbucks are a serious drain on your bank account and you know that you want to donate more money to those in need, what steps can you put into place to spend less on coffee and more on charity? Your individual actions will be unique to you, of course, but if you don’t actually get clear on how you will better balance your time, money, and energy—in the ways that you have intentionally identified as important to you—you’re likely to fall back into the patterns you were in before. Be proactive about where your most precious resources will go, and be clear on the goals you’ll set to make sure they get there!

Later this week, we’ll show you how to set professional goals that will help your career soar. Until then, we hope you have the opportunity to set the right goals for your most valuable resources—and help cultivate some balance to help you make the most of them!

What proactive steps will you take to more intentionally offer your time, money, and energy? Share your goals with us in the comments below!

Start today! Make plans to become the best steward of
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