Ideal Week

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One of our favorite goal setting worksheets from the Day Designer is now available for a limited time! With the Ideal Week printable, you can easily map out what an ideal week looks like to you—scheduling what matters most and then filling in the rest.

Start by prioritizing your goals, your projects and your free time. The HEART goal-setting system is a great way to come up with those important aspects of you life! After you have clarified what matters most, it is important to begin creating routines and blocking time to follow through with your plans. 

Your ideal week is not meant to become an unreasonable standard to which you hold yourself. Be sure to leave some white space—some room for flexibility and the unexpected—some room to simply enjoy the life you’re working so hard to create! 

Available for a limited time only. All printables are copyright Day Designer, and cannot be distributed among individuals. Personal use only. 



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