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I’m Whitney English, founder of the best-selling planner -- the Day Designer, a daily planner created to help women live a well-designed life.

The story of how I started Day Designer can be found over here. Through this adventure, I've realized how grateful I am for women who have found the courage to dream big, and found the drive to make those dreams happen. I’m inspired daily by other women around me who wake up every morning, sometimes feeling successful, and sometimes feeling defeated, but find it within them to keep going. I’m grateful for the women that use Day Designer® and send in feedback, letting us know what they love about the product and how they use the product, because it truly helps us adjust Day Designer® products to fit their needs. People often tell me that their Day Designer® saved their life, and what they might not know is that they pretty much saved mine. There’s an old Japanese proverb: fall down seven times, stand up eight. Day Designer® was my eight, and I hope it’s an eight for every woman who picks it up and uses it to design her life.

Aside from Day Designer, my consulting business over at WhitneyEnglish.com is focused on helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and dreamers get unstuck. I really like helping people see the potential in themselves and the possibility in their ideas. As a result, I blog about challenges, sometime tough topics, and when it’s appropriate, try to talk about the things everyone is afraid to talk about.

I believe that gratitude is the birthplace of joy, that people matter, that love is the answer, that if you’re real you can’t be ugly, that everyone is creative and some of us have just forgotten, that it’s worth trying to be a better version of myself today than I was yesterday, and that I wouldn’t be here except for mercy. I weave these themes throughout my Instagram posts if you'd like to follow along.

I’ve been called a serial entrepreneur, having started my first company at 22 years old with babysitting money. I’ve started over a dozen more since then. Wanting to share my experience and knowledge with others, I recently launched my first e-course, The Biz Designers Plan and I can also be found connecting with business owners at the Biz Designers Facebook group

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