Our A5 Binder is made with the finest quality leather, and is intuitively designed to ensure that it will last a lifetime!  As with all leather products, maintaining the condition of your binder requires a little extra TLC!  Here are some necessary tips to keep your A5 Binder looking like the first day it arrived!

  • We recommend gently spot cleaning it weekly with a soft, clean cloth very lightly dampened with water to remove any dust or loose dirt.  Be sure not to get it too wet so that any leather conditioner is not removed along with the surface dust.
  • Conditioning is key!  It is extremely important to keep the leather conditioned to maintain its luster.  Leather that becomes dried out will eventually crack, and is unrepairable.  Be sure your A5 is completely dry before applying any conditioner.

Given that leather is a natural material, there may be textural or shading variations within the surface.  These are normal characteristics and representative of the leather’s individual beauty. As with all fine leather goods, your Day Designer A5 Binder can last you many years if cared for correctly. To prevent damage, be cautious and avoid contact with any other colored leather goods or fabrics as color may transfer through friction. Avoid exposing your Day Designer A5 to harsh elements such as moisture, bright light and direct heat, and refrain from placing any heavy items on top of your Day Designer in order to prevent creasing.



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