Why You Need to See Yourself As a Leader

Why You Need to See Yourself As a Leader

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While the traditional definition of a ‘leader’ is often thought to be someone who is in a position of power, it’s important to realize that leadership is more than having a specific role, it’s about possessing leadership abilities, and having the ability to influence others.

While presidents, CEOs, or directors fall into the category of leader because of the position they are in, you don’t have to be in a position of authority to be a leader. Focusing on your calling, and influencing others in a positive way is something that we should all be working towards. And working on opportunities to develop leadership skills is a great way to help yourself in this journey.

Let’s look at a few ways that leadership is important in everyday situations, and find out why you should see yourself as a leader.

Influence Others

By viewing yourself as a leader, you will be able to help encourage and influence others. All too often, we equate the term “leader” with being in a position of power. But by doing this, we limit ourselves, and our abilities. Choose to view the term ‘leader’ as a position of influence instead of power, and watch how your outlook changes. Being a leader doesn’t mean challenging authority, or fighting to be right –it means sharing the burden, and working towards a common goal.


Many people believe that you are a born leader, or you’re not. Because of this assumption, they view themselves as unable to lead. But the fact is that leadership is a skill that can be developed and improved upon as time goes on. By consciously choosing to see yourself as a leader, you will be making the first step towards improving your leadership abilities, and helping to set yourself up for success. By viewing yourself as a leader, you will increase your self-confidence and become a stronger, more successful person for it.


CEO or not, you can still possess leadership abilities, which can help you to advance in your career. By choosing to see yourself as a leader, you will be better equipped to handle any task that comes your way. Your confidence in your abilities will help motivate you, and will spur you on. Taking the initiative and being in control of your abilities, skills, and career will help you to go far.

Many people have a negative view of leadership, and for good reason. With history full of examples of corrupt leaders, it is easy to see why some people shy away from the idea. But don’t let failed leaders of the past put you off of the idea of leadership. Remember: effective leadership isn’t about forcing others to do what you want; often, it’s about influencing others by example.

Don’t feel that your influence doesn’t matter. It’s estimated that even an introverted person will influence 10,000 people in their lifetime. Whether they realize it or not, everyone –to a certain extent, is a leader.

So don’t underestimate your potential! Whether or not you are in a position of influence career wise, you do have influence on others every day. Recognizing the important role that leadership plays in your life can help you to build your confidence, and live more purposefully. Viewing yourself as a leader will help you to be a tremendous, positive influence on others every day.

What do you think? Is leadership more about position, or the influence you have? Share your thoughts with us!


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