What Does Organization Look Like—In Real Life?

What Does Organization Look Like—In Real Life?

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“I need to get more organized!”

If you’ve ever had that thought, you are not alone. There have been weeks—even days—when we’ve said that quite regularly around here! Many of us struggle to get organized. We all want to feel on top of our to-do lists, ​schedules, and responsibilities. We hope to start the day a little more put together than the last. We wish for a sense of order to encompass it all.

Living an organized life is a goal that many aspire to—and for good reason.

Being well-organized has a number of amazing benefits: it reduces stress, opens up free time, and allows things to run more smoothly. Organization also improves your performance helping you feel more in control and giving you more mental energy. Sign us all up, right?

If you’re feeling scattered and not quite as organized as you’d like to be, don’t beat yourself up. You can get there. But first, you have to be realistic about what exactly you’re trying to achieve!

Here at Day Designer, we think a lot about what organization looks like in real life vs. the perfect, idealized image in our heads.

Organization does not equal perfection.

In real life, organization…

✓ can be messy
✓ doesn’t always come naturally
✓ takes time
✓ doesn’t mean everything is always in it’s place
✓ can be overwhelming
✓ is a give and take
✓ gets interrupted
✓ is about finding a balance
✓ is an ongoing process
✓ is not perfection
✓ starts with baby steps
✓ means saying no (so you can say yes to the right things!)
✓ requires quite a few life hacks, tips, and tricks
✓ means you can’t do it all
✓ is not as simple as it looks
✓ can get derailed in a matter of minutes (especially with kids!)
✓ means things don’t always go as planned
✓ comes from progress…slow and steady
✓ means asking for help when you need it!

Organization is attainable; perfection is not. ​

In real life, although organization is not simple, these challenges can be overcome.

Living organized is possible with realistic expectations and just a little extra effort! And to get there, life doesn’t have to be boring, perfect, or completely minimalistic.

Next week, we’ll share our best habits + tips for a more organized life. But first, take a look at why organization matters, especially with all that we’re juggling!


✓ means knowing what your goals are
✓ goes hand in hand with productivity
✓ is worth it
✓ frees your mind
✓ means a clear workspace/home
✓ helps you focus
✓ means making the most of the time you have
✓ is a result of making a schedule
✓ means mapping out your day
✓ helps you stay balanced
✓ means more open space
✓ is an important key to success
✓ means better time management
✓ avoids overwhelm due to clutter
✓ helps you prioritize
✓ makes you less stressed
✓ reduces unnecessary stress
✓ sets you up for success
✓ means knowing where your time is going
✓ means control over your schedule—and your life
✓ leaves a good impression
✓ teaches our children great habits
✓ equals higher productivity
✓ makes it easier to focus
✓ allows you to get things done faster
✓ allows things to run smoother
✓ means mapping out your goals
✓ allows you to use your mind for processing not storage
✓ helps make you happier

Do you have unrealistic (perhaps perfect) expectations when it comes to getting organized? Let us know the comments below!

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