Taking Back Control of Your Day

Taking Back Control of Your Day

It’s all too common to feel pulled in a million directions with lists scattered across your desk and endless to-dos cluttering your mind. Too often you get to the end of the day and feel defeated. We’ve been there. But you deserve control over your day. You deserve to feel proud, accomplished, and energized by all that you achieved.
Day Designer was built around the concept of daily planning, giving you effective ways to schedule your day. When looking for how to time block your day, our system was designed to give you one central place that literally binds it all together in a way that aligns your to-do list alongside your schedule—flanked with additional prompts to intuitively guide you through your day.
When you commit to how to schedule out your day, you take control back, and in turn find yourself accomplishing more. This added level of productivity, efficiency, and focus improves your overall success and happiness.

However, the goal is certainly not to make you busier! It’s our mission to get you organized and on your way to living an intentional, meaningful, and well-designed life. This means a life that allows you to unplug at the end of a successful day—carving out time for yourself and being fully present with those who matter most! It all starts with how you schedule out your day.

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The heart of the Day Designer is our intuitively-designed daily planning page. TRY IT TODAY—for free. See firsthand how it improves your daily productivity.

Curious to see how others often use our daily planning page? On a daily basis, we hear from all types of women who have transformed the way they approach their days—working professionals, full-time moms, dedicated students, mixes of all three, and everything in between! We’re all unique and will use the daily page in our own way to time block our day and take control back in the way that works best for us. Here are just a few examples to help you visualize the difference that the Day Designer daily planning page could bring to your life!

Day Designer Daily Planning Page

Day Designer Daily PageDay Designer Daily Planning Page

Are you ready to take control back? Commit to one change you’ll make in the way you plan it. Share with us how you time block your day in the comments below!


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