Put Yourself First. Here’s How!

Put Yourself First. Here’s How!

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When we choose to invest in ourselves, that choice spills over into other areas of our lives. We are able to be more present, more prepared, more purposeful – and more confident!

Putting yourself first doesn’t mean that everyone else has to lose out on what you have to give. In fact, you’ll have so much more to give if you give to yourself first.

Just like a car needs to be filled up with gasoline in order to run, we need to be filling ourselves up. An empty tank never got anyone very far, right?

For a quick reset, follow our simple method for prioritizing your self-care needs – starting today!

1. Check in with how you feel right now

The first step is a simple check-in with yourself. How do you feel – and how do you want to feel? Too often, we power through our day without taking time to assess. Spend a few minutes thinking about these questions – or better yet, write down your thoughts regarding them!

2. What do you need more of – water, fresh air, sleep?

When it comes to your needs, what is missing? What would help you be the best, most refreshed, most energized, and happiest version of yourself? Make a list of what fills your cup! It can be as simple as a neighborhood walk, a power nap, sitting outside, a cup of tea, reading, a bath – or as splurge-worthy as a spa appointment or an afternoon at the beach!

3. Schedule time for a self-care break

Check your planner and schedule in some downtime. Yes, we did just say to “schedule” your “downtime!” It might seem counterintuitive, but without doing so, your day will fill right up with other commitments and plans. Decide what will serve you best, identify the ideal time for a break, block it off in your planner, and plan your other appointments and tasks around it.

4. Reduce distractions and unplug!

For a full recharge, it’s necessary to unplug and be fully present. Power down and disconnect. Don’t check the news or social media during your self-care break. Ignore your email, texts, and lists! Enjoy these moments that you have set aside for yourself.

5. Continue your day with a refreshed outlook

Ease back into your day! Check your planner, identify your top priorities, and adjust your plans for the remainder of the day. With a newly refreshed outlook and a positive mindset, you’ll be equipped to make good decisions, be more productive, and find gratitude.

• • •

Let us know how this simple self-care method works for you – and be sure to repeat these five quick steps again tomorrow!


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