How to Reflect on Your Year With Intention and Purpose

How to Reflect on Your Year With Intention and Purpose

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As we approach the New Year, you’ll likely find yourself thinking back on this year and anticipating the changes that next year might bring.

That’s the beauty of this season, isn’t it? It’s the reason we all proudly proclaim our New Year’s resolutions on December 31st. Even though we have the power to work on new goals at any time of the year, the end of one year and beginning of another offer the perfect opportunity to reflect and refresh in every area of our lives.

We’ve outlined a three-part strategy to help you reflect on your past year in a way that’s intentional and builds a foundation to start planning the next! We hope you’ll set aside some quiet time and do just that. Here’s how:

✔️ Recognize and celebrate what went right! You’ve likely accomplished more than you even realize. 

Start by celebrating everything that you’ve accomplished this year! It’s all too easy to become hard on ourselves at the end of the year — thinking back on everything we wish we’d done or said or accomplished. But you’ve likely done more than you even realize!

Make a list of three (or more!) accomplishments from 2019. Think about it and pick the things that you’re really proud of. Give yourself some credit and celebrate your wins!

✔️ Consider what worked and what didn’t. Reflect on your health and happiness, your routines and habits, your personal growth and/or spiritual journey, your relationships, how you spent your time and money, and your professional development.

Whether you started the year with a list of goals or not, you likely know which activities, habits, relationships, etc. have been working for you — and which haven’t. That new weekly spin class habit? That might be worth keeping. But the daily Starbucks habit? That you may want to curb. But again, this is about what’s working (and not working) for you, and nobody else.

So, get honest with yourself! Take some time to identify and write down these items.

✔️ Reassess your goals. Do they align with how you want to feel, the person you want to be, and the life you want to live? Identify what and how you want to change.

Lastly, take a minute to review the goals you’ve set—whether you set them in January, or started jotting them down throughout this review. Are your goals (both personal and professional) still aligned with the life you want to live? With the person you want to be? With the relationships you want to build and the work you want to create?

Goals and resolutions are great, but only when they intentionally align with what you ultimately want out of life!

What are you celebrating as you reflect on 2019? Share your big (or small) wins with us in the comments below.


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