Day Designer Collection Round-Up: Flagship or A5 Luxe?

Day Designer Collection Round-Up: Flagship or A5 Luxe?

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Here at Day Designer, we have two collections to offer: our Flagship Collection and our A5 Luxe Collection. When you’re weighing the options on which collection to go with, it’s helpful to compare the two side-by-side. Below we’ll do just that!



The main difference between the two is that our Flagship Collection offers a daily planner that prompts and guides you through the process of planning your year, month, and, ultimately, each and every day. The daily page, which is the heart of the Day Designer brand, is what this book is all about. The Flagship Collection allows you to align your to dos right next to your schedule, with space allotted for “Today’s Top Three.” Each daily page also includes “Due,” “Dinner,” “Dollars,” and “Don’t Forget.” Sections for “Notes” and your “Daily Gratitude” complete the page.

Your entire year is compiled into one sophisticated book bound with a durable, gold, fixed-spiral binding. The Flagship Day Designer was created as a place to keep all of your lists in one place along with your schedule. No more sticky notes covering your desk and pieces of note paper getting misplaced! This is a simple and easy system designed to help you find balance, focus, and productivity.

A5 Luxe:

The A5 Luxe Collection offers a complete system that is comprised of luxurious binders, tabs, and intuitively-designed insert pages designed to help you move your goals from lofty dreams to reality. When you commit to a planning system such as this one that transforms the way you juggle and organize your life, you’ll begin to finally see change!

The A5 binder features multiple pockets in the front and back, including a zippered pocket, a pen loop, and a magnetic closure tab. It comes with our starter pack of tabs and inserts that will equip you to begin using the A5 system right away.

We also offer a variety of supplement packs to help you get organized. Instead of fitting your life into a planner, you’ll have the chance to fully customize your planner to fit your life! You can choose whether or not you’d like to configure your A5 for yearly, monthly, weekly and/or daily planning. We recommend only keeping a portion of the year at one time to allow the binder to be filled with other pages to organize your life. We have heard from so many of our customers who love to add and remove pages to suit their very own needs.

Due to the varying sizes of each daily page, the pre-printed times vary:

Flagship Mini Daily Page: 7am-7pm
A5 Daily Page: 6am-9pm
Flagship Daily Page: 5am-9pm

If you haven’t already, be sure to try one of our daily pages for FREE to see how it works for you! Choose which layout you’d like to try in our printable shop — or try all three.

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If size is a deciding factor with your new planner, then you’ll want to know that our A5 binder falls right in between our Flagship Mini and our Flagship. Here are some dimensions and weights to help you choose!

1. Flagship Mini: 6.625 x 8.3” (1.5 lbs)
2. A5 Binder: 7.5 x 9.375” (1.6 lbs, including starter pack)
3. Flagship: 9 x 9.75” (2 lbs)

Dated versus Undated


Our Flagship Day Designers are dated throughout. You’ll find dated monthly overview spreads, daily pages, and combined weekend pages inside the Day Designer. This means the month and dates and days of the week are printed onto the page rather than you filling in your own. Each year, we offer a regular year edition (January through December) and a midyear or academic year edition (June through May).

A5 Luxe:

With our A5 Day Designer, you’ll have the option! Included with your initial order is an A5 binder and an A5 starter pack. In the starter pack, you’ll find dated yearly and monthly planning pages, however, the daily pages are undated so that you can start planning the day you receive it. There are three months of daily pages included.

We offer many supplement packs beyond that! Our weekly planning pages are undated, and you’ll have a choice between dated daily pages or additional undated pages. If you don’t use daily pages every single day, then undated is a great option for you!

You can fill your binder with a month or three months’ worth of daily pages, or however else you choose. It is not intended to be filled with an entire year of daily pages at one time plus lots of the additional inserts and tabs. This is the beauty of the A5! Add, remove, and refill as you go.


Another difference between the two collections is in the tabs.


Our Flagship collection includes 12 gold monthly tabs.

A5 Luxe:

Our A5 Starter Pack comes with six blank tabs to be customized as you wish. We include stickers with suggested tab prompts along with some additional blank stickers. Check out each product description to find out which color scheme of tabs will come with your A5 Day Designer. Each binder comes with either a Cool Colors or Warm Colors insert pack. Please note these are not interchangeable at the time of ordering, however, you are welcome to order additional starter packs separately. We also offer a gorgeous gold set of tabs and stickers if color is just not your thing!




The materials vary greatly between the two collections!


Our Flagship Collection is widely-recognized by its sophisticated gold Wire-O spiral binding. The covers feature gorgeous patterns with protective gold corners. We use 90 GSM white paper throughout along with heavyweight tab pages.

A5 Luxe:

With our A5 Luxe Collection, you’ll choose between leather and leatherette (aka vegan leather) binders. All of our binders are comprised of the same materials: six-ring binder in gold with standard A5 ring placement, gold zipper, and gold hardware. Insert pages are 120 GSM (our heaviest paper yet!) and tab pages are 180 GSM.





Our Flagship Day Designer is offered in nine cover styles and our Flagship Mini is offered in our two most classic cover styles. To view the full collection, click here

A5 Luxe:

At this time, our A5 Collection includes 4 leather binders and 1 vegan leather option. 


Has this round-up helped you decide? What questions do you still have? Ask in the comments below, and we’ll get those answers right back to you!



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