7 Tips For Exercising Outdoors With A Baby

7 Tips For Exercising Outdoors With A Baby

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While it might have been easier to head out for a run before you had a small child to look after, you don’t have to completely give up on your outdoor exercise routine now that you have a little one in tow.

Getting exercise outside is still possible, even with a baby. In fact, your baby will probably enjoy spending some time outdoors, and the fresh air is a great antidote for those times when you’re feeling cooped up!

If you’re looking for some tips for outdoor exercises that you can do with your baby, here are a few popular options for you to consider.

1. Try Toning Exercises

If your little one is still quite young, your best option may be toning exercises. You can work out, and your baby will enjoy spending time with you, rolling around on the mat or chatting away while you do your routine! Check out these ab workouts that can be done with baby.

2. Join a Group

Don’t like the thought of working out alone? Mom and baby workout groups are quickly growing in popularity –and many of them involve working out outside! These groups are a great way to get exercise –with your baby, while meeting new people, and having fun. Be sure to check into it if you’re interested, and there may be one in your local area, such as Stroller Strides.

3. Jogging or Walking

If you have a good stroller, there should be no reason why you can’t bring your baby with you on your morning jog or walk. While you can use any stroller, a jogger is highly recommended, especially if there are any hills involved. Ensure that your baby is strapped in snugly, and then hit the road for your morning exercise. Jogging is great for your heart and lungs, burns calories faster than walking, and is an excellent way to jumpstart your day.

4. Hiking

If you are an avid outdoors-person, why not bring your baby with you? There are a wide variety of different carriers available, so be sure to invest in a quality pack. If your baby is under a year, a front pack is recommended, since your child won’t be able to fully support their head. It also ensures that you can keep a closer eye on them. As they get older, though, transitioning to a backpack style carrier will be easier for you. Of course, once they’re older, allowing them to hike beside you is a great way to tire them out as well!

5. Swimming

Weather permitting; you may want to take your baby to an outdoor pool. Opinions vary on what age is safe for the pool, but it may be a good idea to wait until your baby is about six months old. Baby should be holding his head at this age, and it’ll be easier for you to keep a firmer grip on him! Simply teaching your little one about water safety and how to swim can burn a lot of extra calories. Just play it safe and don’t let him out of your grasp!

6. Biking

Once baby is old enough, you can hit the trails to do some biking. Whether you use a trailer, or a seat on the back of the bike, biking is a great form of exercise, and an excellent way to get baby out and about. If you’re using a seat on the bike, it’s recommended that your baby is at least 12 months old so they can fully support their head while you are cruising along. And of course, remember to exercise extreme caution, and ensure that you follow the rules of the road when cycling with children.

7. Play Dates

Joining up with friends for a day at the park can be a fun way to get some exercise, as well as chat and catch up with your friends! Even if your baby isn’t old enough yet to make full use of the playground equipment, they can still have fun toddling around the park or going on the baby swings. And if your little one is old enough to use the equipment, then you will be getting in some active time just chasing them around ensuring they are safe!

Regardless of how you choose to exercise outdoors, keep in mind both your and baby’s health and safety. Take it easy, avoid harsh, inclement weather, and make sure you both stay well hydrated! Also, be sure to use proper form when bending while holding your baby, when using a baby backpack, and when jogging with a stroller. It’s worth looking over these helpful tips from the American Chiropractic Association for helpful advice on safety when exercising outdoors with your little one.

Then head out to enjoy the sunshine with your baby!

What are your favorite outdoor exercises?

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