5 Ideas for Staycations to Recharge Your Batteries

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While we all dream of relaxing vacations in the Caribbean, for most of us, exotic getaways are few and far between!

The good news though is that you don’t have to pack up and leave town to recharge your batteries. In fact, in some cases, staying home can be just as relaxing (or even more so!) than going away. After all, you won’t even have to spend time making reservations, researching activities, packing, and traveling!

If you are looking to recharge your batteries and return to everyday life refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to go again—check out these five ideas for staycations that will provide excitement  relaxation, and inspiration to truly unplug!

1. Plan Fun Activities

Just because you haven’t left town doesn’t mean you can’t plan activities to help your staycation to feel like a vacation! Take the time to visit the places you have always wanted to see, but never have time for—like museums, national parks, scenic locations, hiking trails, or more! Go places that your area is known for but you rarely get to visit. Explore local cuisine and check out touristy areas. Get out and have fun looking at your area through a different perspective. What you discover may surprise you! You’re likely to learn new things about a place that you thought you knew pretty well.

2. Spoil Yourself

Take a long bubble bath, sleep in, buy some gourmet chocolates, or treat yourself to something that you’ve been wanting, such as your favorite TV series, a new workout dvd, or a new book—anything that will help you to relax and have fun. For the kids, surprise them with a toy or game they’ve been wanting or with a few new family films. These will double as treats for the kids and serve as entertainment while you enjoy some relaxing quiet time!

3. Involve the Whole Family

Use your staycation as an easy way to get some valuable family time in! Have each family member choose one or two things that they want to do—or get together and brainstorm to come up with some exciting things that you can do as a family. For those fun (yet pricey) adventures that the kids will want to do—trips to the zoo, aquarium, waterpark, or theme park—pick one (or two) trips that everyone can look forward to.

4. Stock Up on Fun Snacks

Don’t overlook the power of fun snacks! Stocking up on special food can help your staycation to feel more like a vacation. Fun treats can help even boring days to feel special and festive. So pick some family favorites, or some new snacks you’ve never tried, and have fun!

5. Do Vacation Things

When you are on vacation, your mindset tends to be a little more relaxed, and you say yes to things you wouldn’t normally think to do. It’s important to get into this mode while on your staycation as well. Shake up the normal routine, and extend your horizon. What about a short road trip or a scenic drive? A picnic in the park? A camping trip or an overnight campout in the yard? Grownup vacation adventures could include a night in a local B&B or a day at the spa while the kids stay with Grandma. Put aside the responsibilities of normal daily life, put your vacation hat on, and enjoy your staycation.

In order to have a truly fun and relaxing staycation, it’s absolutely vital to get into vacation mode. Put normal, everyday life on the backburner for a few days. This isn’t the time to catch up on chores or errands. Treat your staycation just like you would an actual vacation. Do things out of the ordinary, focus on building memories, and remember to just have fun!

What about you? Have you ever had a staycation? Share your fun staycation tips with us in the comments!

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